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RANDOM REPRINT: CREEM August 1979, Vol. 11 No. 3

PERE UBU: “Dub Housing” (Chrysalis) Because I trust the way Ubu’s visionary humor and crackpot commitment rocks out and/or hooks in for the sheer pleasure of it, I’ve always been willing to go with their excursions into musique concrete, and on this record they get me somewhere. The death of Peter Laughner may well have deprived America of it’s greatest punk band, but the subsequent ascendancy of synth wizard Allen Ravenstine has defined a survival-prone community of musicians capable of bridging the 60’s and the 80’s without acting as if the 70’s never happened. Their form is eccentric yet highly compelling, their freedom informed by necessity. Weirdness as a way of life. A - Robert Christgau

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